Friday, April 17, 2009


Greeting from Syria. Ahlan wa sahlan, as they say here. My adventure-dearth has happily been interrupted with a spate of satiating exploring in Petra, Wadi Rum, the Eastern Deserts of Jordan, Jerash, the border with Syria, Damascus, Palmyra, Crac de Chevaliers, and, here, Aleppo. A blog shall soon follow, replete with roiling sandstorms, thundering storm clouds, 6 am bus chasing, rock climbing, donkey riding, and lots of laughter.

However, this is not the reason I am writing. Well, perhaps it is, partly. I feel rather enveloped in a bubble of happiness. Syria is bliss. No, I write because, through various veins of communication, I have heard some chatter about my previous blog entry, and some clarification is necessary. I like to write, as has been clearly manifested by the length certain entries. Writing is both catharasis (I know that's spelled wrong, but they don't exactly have spell checker in Aleppo) and practice. It records my life the way I want to tell it, through the refraction of my conscience. Sometimes, that means certain events occured in a different order than they are actually recorded, or, perhaps, it means I take the liberty of poetic license. As a suffering English major of 5 years, I have that right. This blog is not an photograph of my life, but rather an impressionist's drawing of it. Some parts are missing, some are exaggerated, some are painted with the reflection of distance, and some are reality. That weekend in the desert, with the Bedouins, true, every part of it. But that was something tangible to recreate. When a distinct lack of adventure arrives, I become frighteningly creative.

So there is my statement. Not a defense, because there is nothing to defend. A blog, which you are likely reading from halfway around the world, and updated perhaps weekly, should never be a true reflection of character, moral fiber, or personality. Entertaining, and a recording of a few thoughts and events, certainly. But more than that...

Alright, my travel buddy is ready to trek back to our hotel through the darkened streets of Aleppo. I think a stop for chocolate might be efficacious.

Maa salama!

Or ice cream...There's a ice cream store across the street. Mmmmm....